Stupid fast

by: Geoff Herbach


In the beginning there is a kid named Felton. Felton has had a rough past with his dad. when Felton was just 5 years old he found his dad hanging him self in the garage.


Felton has a mom but when she was in high school she was a hippie so she doesn't like to be called mom. she likes to be called Jeri. Felton has a weird brother named Andrew. Andrew loves playing the piano. Felton has a girlfriend named Aleha.


In the summer Felton grows about 7 inches. hes football coach tells him that he will be a D1 football prospect. Felton works his tail off over the summer with weights and all.

little of the end

towards the end Felton calls his grandma, and she tells him why his dad died, and she says........... Read the book to find out what happens.
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