OES Guidance Newsletter

December 2015


Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We are also hoping that we maintain the positive spirit and we practice kindness during this month. We are reminding the students we it's important to be nice to everyone and how kindness can spread. We also want to make sure that everyone is being kind to one another. Below is a link of bullying and the different kinds of bullying. Feel free to read and you can also use the information to watch for students you think could be being bullied. You can also use some of this information in your classrooms as well.


What's Going On This Month

Guidance Lessons During December

For the month of December, we will be focusing on Kindness. For the first two weeks, we discussed the definition of kindness with the students. We also asked students to give us examples of kindness. To help show how kindness spreads throughout the world, we showed the video 'Color Your World With Kindness.' A link to the video is directly below. The students loved this video!!


For the last week before break, we showed 'Anabelle's Wish.' This movie helped wrap up the lesson on kindness. The students were able to talk about the kindness shown throughout the video and were able to give examples of the kindness they saw and they kindness that wasn't shown throughout the video.

Toys for Tots

We would like to thank everyone who donated toys and to everyone who donated money to Toys for Tots. It was greatly appreciated. All the toys and money (which was used to buy toys with) were given to children in need in the Harnett County area.

Again, thank you to everyone who donated!!