Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Flipped Lesson Reflection

Personally, the whole idea of flipped lessons is something that I just feel oddly about and don't see myself using in the future. In terms of the one I did, I think it went pretty well. I think my slides flowed with what I was saying. I think I got my point across of what exactly was expected out of them. I do think there was a few times when I stuttered which I tend to do in uncomfortable situations. I also feel like my pacing was weird. It's hard to get yourself at a steady pace. I felt like I kept going from fast to slow and back to fast. I just struggled with keeping it consistent.

As I was making the presentation, I kept thinking, "What if a student has a question?" I think it would be beneficial for next time to tell them to write any questions they have down so they don't forget to ask later. I don't know how beneficial this type of teaching is, but I learned throughout the process of making this that it is not the kind of teaching for me. I'm a very hands on learner and that's how I teach as well. I like when you can talk about something and then do something that will help you learn. I don't like sitting down and having a 10 minute PowerPoint it's just not how I work. I also think it is beneficial for students to get their questions answered when they pop up, not a day later. If I ever did this in my classroom, I feel like I would have to add more videos or something so it's not just solid PowerPoint.

Overall, I am just not a fan of flipped instruction. If I ever had to use it(because I would never by choice.) I would probably do more videos rather than PowerPoint. Although doing it as a PowerPoint might be the easiest way to give information, it probably is not the most effective. In the future, I would have handouts to go along with the information the students will learn that night. These handouts I feel will make sure that students do the necessary work.