Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

Teddi Day

Teddi will be here on the 23rd to meet with K-2, and ELA teams. This can be your ELA PLC time for the week if needed.

K-1-2- You'll be taking a word wall gallery walk, observing your team word walls

3-4- you'll be discussing how to best structure your high guided reading groups to help focus on intentional skills with an authentic purpose

Bradshaw Blurbs...

Short STAAR blurbs/updates will occur at PLC. Short & sweet!

TEA training modules are up and due by March 18th! See me with any questions!

Fab Fridays!

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There will be section shifts next year based on numbers. If you have thought about teaching a different grade level or want to teach a different grade level, now's your chance to take advantage while we're balancing this puzzle.

Readworthy for the week

Patty's Pontifications

Happy birthday to YOU!

Feb 10- Allen Wade

Feb 14- Dyann Humphreys

Feb 19- Cindy Hipes

Feb 27- Tracie Gainnie

Calendar Comings

Feb. 22- #urlearning at Smith, Board Meeting

Feb. 23- AT @ ESC for staff meeting, Teddi is here!

Feb. 24- WHS here for K-2 (9:30), 3rd & 4th Lunch & Learn

Feb. 25- Whitt Wolves Eat!

Feb. 26- Daddy Daughter Dance