Apps for mLearning

In Elementary Schooling

Module 9 - Part A

This eFlyer looks at several apps that can be incorporated in the classrooms of elementary schools

For Math - Long Division Touch

Long Division Touch is an iOS app that works on learning how to solve long division problems. The app uses the touch features of mobile devices as an interactive tool that clarifies how to solve division problems, where students use their fingers to drag numbers to learn to solve long division problems. Students can use this app as an aid to learning long division outside of their classrooms, where teacher assistance is not available.
Long Division Touch for iOS

For Social and Language Arts - News-O-Matic, Daily Reading for Kids

News-O-Magic, Daily Reading for Kids is an iOS app that is directed towards grade 3 and 4 learners. This app covers today's news, from sports to world news and everything in between, and makes it engaging for elementary readers. Along with presenting current news stories, the app also appropriates the readings with various interactive materials like images, videos, maps and games.
Discover News-O-Matic

For Sciences - Star Chart

Star Chart by Escape Velocity Ltd., is a star mapping app that is available in both iOS and Android formats. Teachers and students learning about astronomy and the night sky can use Star Chart to help them in identifying stars, constellations, and other spacial bodies. This app would be an especially useful tool for students to use alongside assignments where they are asked to record features of the night sky, like assignments concerning constellation diaries.
Star Chart app demo - iPad/iPhone/Android app

For Music - Learn the Orchestra

Learn the Orchestra iOS app by Sonic Network Inc. can be used in upper elementary music classes to help introduce the different kinds of instruments found in an orchestra. This app can also be used to promote student interest in some classical pieces that feature an orchestral arrangements.
Learn The Orchestra

For learning languages - Duolingo

In the upper elementary grades, students are usually introduced to a second language - in dominantly English-speaking areas in Canada, most upper elementary students are starting to learn French in their classrooms. Duolingo is a language learning app that can help students in their learning new languages, and can give them good practice in using the new language learned.
Duolingo Intro