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September 20, 2019

Principal's Note: FUNd Run Principal Incentive

The FUNd Run is right around the corner at Ravinia Festival (10/5/19 @8am)! Please register HERE.

Our students have sent in many, many, many ideas for Sherwood's Principal Incentive...and if Sherwood has the highest percentage of participants based on our enrollment...ALL students will get EXTRA RECESS!!!

Erin's Law (Public Act 96-1524)

Erin’s Law (Public Act 96-1524) mandates that Illinois public schools provide training to certified staff on the prevention of child sexual abuse. It also mandates that public school children from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade be educated on body safety rules and how to protect themselves from a perpetrator.

Please CLICK HERE for more information from Dr. Holly Colin, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.

Student Success Block

The Student Success Block is time allocated to math and/or literacy instruction based on the most current formative data - multiple points of data are used. This block supports all learners! Possible focus areas include, but are not limited to: pre-teaching, short-term enrichment or intervention, or a series of mini-lessons to meet or exceed learning targets in the current unit of instruction. The Student Success Block groups are very fluid to meet our students' needs throughout the school year. We are so fortunate to have this learning model to continue to meet the needs of ALL of our learners!

Halloween Guidelines 10/31/19

Halloween Schedule for 10/31/19:

  • 2:15 Parade
  • 2:30 Class Parties (ONLY room parents are permitted to attend class parties)

Parade Information:

  • Viewing for our parade will begin @2:15pm; parents/guardians please be located outside before and during the parade.
  • The students will walk around the school on the sidewalk and paths; the blacktop will have cones indicating the route. Please stand behind the cones so that our students have a walkway for the parade.
  • If we have inclement weather, the parade will be cancelled outside. We will host the parade inside, but due to the space available, parents/guardians will not be permitted inside the building.

Classroom Parties:

  • Parties will begin following the parade, approximately @2:30pm.
  • ONLY room parents are permitted to enter the school to attend classroom parties.
  • Parties will conclude at approximately 3:00pm to allow for clean up and end of the day preparation.

General Costume Guidelines:

  • ALL students will change into their costumes in the afternoon.
  • Costumes should be brought to school in a bag and labeled.
  • ALL costumes MUST be safe for parade and party activities - check to make sure that any face or head covering allow the child maximum visibility.
  • Comfortable shoes are suggested.
  • NO toy weapons, NO exceptions.

Group Costumes Guidelines:

  • Many fun costumes are great when paired with others. However, group costumes at school and that evening typically mean great group fun paired with disappointment to the person left out (purposefully or not). I am sure you can imagine how hard it would be to show up to school dressed as something only to find your classmates organized around a theme. Inclusion or individuality are easy choices to make. Please take a moment to think about the other children in class who you may not be aware of - who spend hours each day stressing out about being included. Please, please avoid group costumes. ALL of our kids MATTER.

Scout Me In 9/23/19

Big picture

Upcoming Dates


Early Release @1:36pm


No School - Rosh Hashana


Walk/Bike to School


FUNd Run @8am Ravinia Festival



No School - Yom Kippur


No School - Columbus


No School - Institute Day


McTeacher Night


Halloween (Parade @2:15pm, parties will follow)

Sherwood Elementary School

Sherwood School Hours

Regular Day

8:36am - 3:13pm

(First Bell @8:34am; Second Bell @8:36am)

Early Release

8:36am - 1:36pm

(First Bell @8:34am; Second Bell @8:36am)

2nd Posting: Walk & Bike to School 10/2/19

Wednesday, October 2nd is National Bike/Walk to School Day. Please consider having your student participate in this event if possible. For more information on National Bike/Walk to School day, please CLICK HERE.

2nd Posting: Calm Classroom

I am so happy to have this opportunity to share information with you regarding a wonderful new school-wide program that we are implementing called “Calm Classroom”.

The Calm Classroom program is a research-based curriculum that is currently being implemented in the Chicago Public Schools and throughout the United States. Calm Classroom empowers pre-kindergarten through 8th grade school staff to lead a very simple, organized system of techniques that help manage stress and develop self awareness, mental focus, and emotional calm within students. The curriculum consists of breathing, stretching, relaxation and concentration techniques, that last for 30 seconds to three minutes, and are taught during quiet classroom transitions 3 times each day.

Practicing Calm Classroom techniques regularly provides an opportunity for school staff and students to experience a calm school and classroom environment, a relaxed body, and a calm and clear mind. In addition, the Calm Classroom program has demonstrated extraordinary success in reducing disciplinary referrals and student misconduct, as well as improving standardized test scores.

Calm Classroom will provide our students with simple life skills that can help them feel calm while facing every day stressful situations in school and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please feel free to visit the organization’s website at: If you have any questions regarding this new program, please feel free to contact me.