Programming & Coding

A Beginner's Guide

Why Programming & Coding?

Kids want to learn how to code. They want to learn how to make their devices (tablets, computers, cellphones) do useful things. They want to learn how to design games, build websites, and create apps.

When searching for a new challenge for your child, consider programming and the lasting benefits of building these skill sets:

  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Persistence
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

Challenge your child to not just be a technology consumer, but a technology creator!

- Matt Harrell, Edutopia, 5/17/15

Parent Tips

Make it Fun! Research together.

  • Research programs together that work for your families needs. Let your child help you choose the perfect program.
  • A variety of user-friendly programs challenge children through a series of engaging puzzles and tasks, allowing them to make connections with minimal to no adult intervention.

Learn Together & Ask THEM for Help!

  • Complete the levels together! Create an account for them, create an account for you, create some time, and create!
  • Develop your skills together! Progress to new and different challenges, ask them to show what they know (and don't be afraid to ask them for help).

Coding at Home - An Intro to Coding for Parents

Click on the images below for some examples of programs that offer a step by step, user friendly start to coding.

For even MORE reasons to start coding, click here for an Intro to Coding for Parents from YouthDigital Blog.

***Please note that some/all of these products are for purchase. We do not endorse any of these products and encourage you to research a program that you feel works best for your family's needs.***