Egyptian local news

This a modern day news paper(not really)

Three main crops

In Egypt they like to farm for all sorts of food, we grow things like fruits which is the amazing when fresh because it's so juicy and delicious. We also grow grains which are great tasting for most people but some don't have a choice. Don't forget the amazing sugar cane for all sorts of ways to use it

Daily Terms

Term of the week is Silt. Silt is small partials of rich soil. Silt is like when a river floods and the water goes back down it leaves rich fertile soil , it is the same thing as that but it just is smaller pieces of rich soil instead of the whole land.

Term of the day is Erg. Erg is a huge shifting sand dunes in the Sahara desert. If you would go to the Sahara and you see sand moving around from a sand hill that's an Erg. To see an Erg go online and look up Erg in the Sahara desert.

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Top three questions of the week

Number three "What is OPEC?" OPEC is an organization of petroleum experting countries.

Number two "Who are we're the Berbers?" The Berbers were the first people to live in North Africa. This fits with Egyt because they could have lived there, been there, and/or they lived in the same country.

Number One "Can you give three facts on the Sahara desert?" 1. Sahara is the largest desert in the world. 2. Sahara comes from the acrobatic word desert. 3. The Sahara desert is about to size of the United States. The Sahara fits with Egypt because some of the Sahara is in Egypt

My name is Brayden Lammers

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