What is a lung disease?

The most frecuent diseases

Composition of the respiratory sistem

Our respiratory sistem is divided in:

  • Supirior airways
  • Inferior airways
  • Lungs (bronchi, bronchioles and air sacs)

Diseases are divided depending on the location in this sistem, into the ones that affect air ways and the ones that affect air sacs.

The most common diseases affecting the air ways are:

- Asthma (inflamation of the bronchioles, causing wheezing and shortness breath)

- Chronic obstruction pulmonary disease ( acumulation of mucus, causing chronic productive cough)

- Chronic bronchitis (chronic cough)

- Empyshema (Lung damage)

- Acute bronchitis (infection)

And for the air sacs are:

- Pneumonia (infection, usually caused by a bacteria)

- Tuberculosis (a slowly progressive infection caused by a micobacterium)

- Pulmonary edema (fluid in the air sacs)

- Lung cancer

- Acute respiratory distress syndrome (severe injury to the lung)

To prevent all this diseases an infection the best thing you can do is:

going to the doctor especially people who smoke or with genetic conditions to develope this affections.

Also in the extremes of life (babies and old people) must get the vaccine.

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