Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

What is human trafficking?

It is slavery to day. modern day slavery,slavery is still going on all over the world today.

passed by congress in January 31 of 1865, and ratified in December 6 of 1865.

The 13th amendment abolished slavery in the US, and slavery was no more. This meant no human could own another human,but that never stop slavery from happening in the US,and all over the world. The amendment was passed,but even after this slavery is bigger that its ever bin in The United States.

Different Types Of Slavery?

Sex trafficking; Young girls are forced to sell sex and turn in the money to there trafficker. These girls are force to go out and offer them self's for sex.

they are forced to go to truck stops and knock on there cabin and offer them self for money.

Labor Trafficking; people are forced to work for there trafficker. Like a job but they don't get paid at all. The people are forced to work everyday with out seeing there family's ever.


What is being do to help and stop this? There are so many organizations out there that are willing to help. Theses organizations are meant to help people all over the world and provide the things they need in order for them to return to there life's that where taken from them .
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Did you even know

Well now you do and you can help end it by specking out and by joying organizations.