Problems in India!

by Wes Cody and Alex.

first problem of India.

India's first problem is there population. India is overly populated. they have over 1.252 billion people living in India, more than the US.

second problem of India.

the second problem in India is disease. since they are overly populated India has lots of problems with disease. the top disease in India is HIV/AIDS.
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Third problem of India.

India is having problems with traffic accidents. every minute India has car wrecks. 3.7 people die every minute from these wrecks.These wrecks cause India 3% of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Fourth problem in India.

Poverty and inequality is another problem in India. 32% of India population is still under poverty. Its that way because of lack of trust.

Fifth problem in India.

Again, lack of empathy, bad government causes corruptions. corruption is further enforced by inequality.