Stronger by the Week

March 13, 2015

Supporting Strength: Office/Admin

  • 1st Town Hall Meeting went great!
  • Website re-design kickoff meeting
  • Report for WEX cards in Sage=timesaver :)

Looking Ahead

  • 2nd Town Hall Meeting-Tuesday March 17th
  • Fill out & turn in your BENEFITS open enrollment forms by March 24th to:

Strong People

  • Welcome to: our 2 New Hires! (ELC Apprentice & PLC Programmer)
  • Onboarding improvements

Looking Ahead

  • 3 New Hires coming Onboard next week! (PWL Operator & ELC Apprentices)
  • Videos on deck to use at Onboarding

We can only get STRONGER!

You think we’re STRONG now

Strength in Safety

*Safety Tip of the Week*

Remove trash in a flash! Make sure job sites are clean to prevent tripping hazards


  • Conducted various equipment trainings
  • Found online training for H2S & CPR-yahoo!
  • NO accidents

Looking Ahead

  • Onboarding Safety Overview
  • Continue development of General Foremen/Foreman training
  • Creating presentation for EP Energy Safety Meeting (ARC Flash)

FAD: Fixed Assets Department


  • Monahans upgrades close to wrapping up
  • Approval to issue inspection stickers


  • Sage will help streamline effectiveness of equipment info


  • Toolhound officially in & with IT currently
  • Looking forward to using Toolhound at Monahans


  • Added EP Energy project

Business Development & Operations


  • Interest from possible new client: Regency
  • Established additional client leads from call list
  • Awarded 4 new projects with Cimarex!
  • Extremely large & long-term project coming (230 Project BRU)
  • Greenhorn project completed!
  • Job # Training for General Foreman
  • Continued estimates, site visits, and services calls
  • Service Coordinator visited PEC for one call confirmation
  • Oil terminal job off to a start
  • Completed various service projects

Looking ahead

  • Re-kindling field relationships & communications
  • Process meeting
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Company-wide Info

Strong Points/Wins
  • Website Kickoff Meeting: Starting designing new website!
  • Additional staff trained to conduct Onboardings
  • Grow Strong event booked!
  • Town Hall meetings to hear the voice of field employees!!
  • 2 New jobs from 2 different clients!
  • Compliments on Service calls

Communication Tip:

So here's my number, so Call me Maybe...

“Give your callers the full attention you would if you were face-to-face with them.”

Happy Birthday!

Thank you for your dedication!

Entering the $25 gift card drawing is SIMPLE!!!

Perseverance Pays!

I get Knocked down

Strong Facts


To be the most client-focused Electrical Construction Company in America through professional management.


To be the preferred Electrical Construction Company based on client satisfaction