Entertainment in Ancient Greece

By: Kate Stahl


  • Entertainment in Ancient Greece has heavily influenced our entertainment in Modern Day America.
  • We still do many thing they did.
  • Some of our entertainment practices are different than they did back then.
  • Some things are still the exact way.

The Olympics

  • They played many games we still play today. The games were much more dangerous then.
  • Some games are long jumping, discus throwing, wrestling, and boxing
  • They used weights for long jumping to go further.
  • In the begging of the games, there would be a sprint around the stadium.
  • Back then, only men could watch and play in the Olympics.
  • The Olympics were in honor of the god Zeus. Zeus was the most powerful god there was.

Fun Facts About The Olympics

  • The Olympics were every four years and it still is today.
  • In the games, all of the player couldn't play with clothes on.
  • In the stands, there was no sitting room so everyone had to stand.
  • The original games started around 776 B.C.
  • Over 40,000 people would come to watch the olympics.
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  • A theater was usually built on a hillside so everyone could hear what they were saying.
  • The performers always wore masks and costumes.
  • They had to wear costumes so people that were sitting far away could tell who is who.
  • Only three men could be on a stage at a time.
  • The shows they performed were either comedy or tragedies.
  • Many people from all over Greece would come to watch a performance.
  • Theater was important to everyone because it could explain something in life.

Fun Facts about Theater

  • Theater was invented in Greece.
  • Not a lot of women watched the performances. Mostly men.
  • Only men could perform.
  • Theater was in honor of the god Dionysus. Dionysus was the god of wine.
  • At first, getting into the theater used to be free. It then cost two obols (their kind of money) because they needed to pay taxes.
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  • Music was for many different things.
  • Music was one third of kids school curriculum.
  • They learned how to sing and dance to music.
  • Both women and men could listen, dance, sing, and play music.
  • Different instruments were used for different kinds of events.
  • Harsh instruments were used for war and calm instruments were used for leisure.
  • Music has changed but still remained the same in many ways.
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Sports and Games

  • Many people loved games. They played many games.
  • Some games included a ball.
  • They would catch a ball, bounce it, and more.
  • Some games were sporting events.
  • Some games were for war. They were Races in Armor and Chariot Racing.
  • Everyone would watch these games and cheer for them.
  • Many games are different from back then but some are the same.

Fun Facts about Sports and Games

  • There were games for war because they didn't know if someone was going to attack.
  • They also played games for war because they needed to stay fit.
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  • In conclusion, many things have changed but some things have still remained the same.
  • We still do the Olympics, theater, play music and still play games and sports.
  • Some things that have changed is that women could be one stage for a performance and can be in the Olympics.
  • We owe Ancient Greece for most of our entertainment today.

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