All About Me

Leslie Gonzalez


Cheerleading, Reading, dancing, and running.

Family Information

I have 3 older sisters, two dogs, and two ginipigs.

What I would like to do when I grow up.

???? I've been changing my mind a lot! its been from teacher to obstetrician, or pediatrician, or just go on the buessiness field instead of medical.

What I Did This Summer

I did nothing but work. I worked as a Lifeguard this whole summer outside ONLY and i got darker then ever! It was fun i enjoyed it and I'm going to miss it. I did do some bit of intertainment, but very small. I went on a 3 day vacation to Mexico, 2 day drive and 1 day fun. Long story why it was that short, but i got lots of mexican candy.

Clubs/Activites/Athletics I'm involved in or like to be.

I want to get myself back into cheer this year or next year and be in Deca, and other clubs that caught my attention as i go along the school year.

Fun Facts About Me

I have 7 Names

My favorite color is red.

I'm Mexican/latina

I love ice cream

Favorite number is 25, because its llegal to do whatever you want!