The Holy Grail

The history and theories

Introduction to the Grail

The Holy grail is the chalice or cup that Jesus supposedly used during the last supper., it was then used to collect the blood that was draining from Jesus's side after he was crucified. It was then put in a tomb-like cave with Jesus's uncle, he was left to starve but the grail saved him by giving him food and water. It was then a target for the crusades, but was never found (to our knowledge).

Quick history of the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is the cup used by Jesus at the last supper before he was crucified, it was then used to collect his blood from the cross, this was the first appearence of the grail. Then the grail went to a castle where it stayed for years, then it was brought to another castle that was forgotten about after decades of having the Grail, The Grail was forgotten as well, until the time of the crusades. The crusades were English soldiers trying to bring Christianity to other parts of the world. They raided many temples and castles, hoping to find the Holy Grail. But they never did.

Modern day Grail

The Grail today is still looked for and talked about in the archeological world. There are many different theories about the grail, some people think the Grail went to heaven after Jesus was crucified, others think it is still on earth, but being guarded by a certain church that wants to keep it a secret. There is also a theory that it is under ground in secret catacombs. (

Some historians actually think the Grail is a different thing from the holy chalice, which is what was used at the last supper. According to them, the Grail is a cauldron or something else.


I believe the Grail is hidden in a church somewhere. It seems like a very plausible theory that the Grail is hidden in a church and has either been kept a secret or not found yet.


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