Escape from Warsaw

ian serraillier


Escape from Warsaw is about a family in Warsaw under the control of the nazis who gets msplit up and try to meet at Switzerland. The parents were taken to concentration camps and the children are left to fend for themselves. As the children where left alone the Russians attacked and took control. Once the battle was over the children went to the leader in control of Warsaw and asked for supplies. When the Russian leader was convinced. He gave them supplies to travel to Switzerland.


It is hard to break up a family. If you do the love for each other will have them find a way back. In the book the father a concentration camp and heads to Switzerland. Then the children get word that their father in in Switzerland. When the heard that they where determined to find their father.

Russian attack

The Russians had planed to take over Warsaw. The only problem was that Warsaw was loaded with tanks, planes, artillery, and infantry ready for use. One good thing was that the red army, polish underground home army, and the Russians where attacking Warsaw. On October 2 a cease fire was announced. Warsaw was under the control of Russians.


Both story's were interesting. They website had talked about the artillery damaging buildings and Germans destroying buildings. In the book they did not talk much of the buildings being destroyed, but quite a bit about the artillery. Next they both talk about how people lived with the damages. The book talked about how a family survived. The website talked about how people lived there.


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