Jane Addams School News

September 10, 2021

Hello, Jane Addams Families

We want to thank you for your patience as many families have opted to bring their students to school to begin the year. We recognize this is due to transportation challenges and appreciate your understanding.

Please continue to be mindful of physical distancing as you arrive in the morning as while we are outside prior to student entry, we want students to line-up safely and not rush towards the front.

Additionally, it is most helpful to remain in your cars at drop-off, we will open the car door for you as this moves the car line more efficiently.

Parent Teacher Conferences (Please contact your child's teacher to schedule if necessary)

11:30-7:30 November 23, 2021

7:30-11:30 November 24, 2021

Jane Addams School Hours

Monday - Thursday:

Grades 1-6 7:50 - 2:30 (and all day Kindergarten)

Lunch 10:40-12:30

Kindergarten AM 7:50 - 10:25 a.m.

Kindergarten PM 11:55-2:30 p.m.


Grades 1-6 7:50 - 1:40 (and all day Kindergarten)

Lunch 10:40-12:30

Kindergarten AM 7:50-10:00 a.m.

Kindergarten PM 11:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Lunch and Breakfast at Jane Addams (reminder)

As in past years, students at Jane Addams are provided breakfast and lunch at no cost. Students can bring items from home. Should they want a milk with lunch, they need only select a fresh fruit option to partner as a meal.

We are fortunate to provide meals at no cost for our students.

Jane Addams' School Website

We are the proud home of the Jaguars!

Mindfulness - Atención Plena

Below are YouTube channels you can visit for daily mindfulness activities

A continuación se encuentran los canales de YouTube que puede visitar para actividades diarias de atención plena

PTA News

News From the JA PTA

Thank you to all the families and staff that came out to our back to school food truck event! It was a huge success! The PTA raised money for future Jaguar events and lots of families signed up to join/support the PTA.

Our September PTA zoom meeting is next Wednesday @7pm. LINK Please know that if you attend meetings, you are not obligated to volunteer. We appreciate your feedback and support. Consider joining the PTA here: Join PTA The cost of membership is $6 for one person, $12 for a family. The money is used to host more fun, Jane Addams school events. Anyone can participate in PTA events, even if you decided not to become a member.

The Jane Addams online spiritwear store is open from now until Friday, September 17th. Click the link to order: Spiritwear Store

Your children should have come home with fall fundraiser fliers in the last week. The JA PTA will receive 40% of the profits from anything you purchase! We look forward to using the proceeds to enrich our JA community. Thank you for your participation.

Here is our current list of committees Committee List and our Minutes from last month . If you are interested in helping out or starting a new committee please contact us at: Janeaddamsjaguarspta@gmail.com

Go Jaguars!

Jane Addams Nurse

The School Nurse at Jane Addams wants families to know that the Student Services Department is available to support your family.

Please feel free to contact below:

Health Office phone: 847-963-5002

Our School Nurse is at Jane Addams each day with students and will return your call promptly. She may have contacted your family in regards to required physicals, exams, or immunizations.

In the meantime, here are a few helpful resources for your family:

CDC - When & How to Wash Your Hands

CDC - Coronavirus (COVID 19) information

IDPH - Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Shield Testing

D15 has been preparing for the Shield Testing process as previously communicated. Jane Addams is planning to begin the week of September 13.. As a reminder, this weekly test is provided to schools in Illinois each week. This saliva-based test will be available to identify cases and increase safety.

Watch this video, if you are curious about the process.

Please review the district website for further questions.