Fun Cooking

Cooking is Easy


Fun Cooking....

Cooking is my hobby, make something so so be a delicious thing is my pleasure.

Taste, looking & smell are the important factor in the cooking. Cooking is easy, everyone can do this. Lest cooking with fun ... :)

My Cooking Soul

Since I was 7, my parents earned me to cook. Serve & provide breakfast, lunch & dinner for my family in everyday. Although I'm still child on was time, cooking is not a big task even being my favorite game I thought. I often make my parents angry & happy of it. I did some experiment with my crazy receipt. I mixed some seasoning & spice to be a corps taste, hahahahha.... that was my speculation. Sweet, sour, salt & bitter.

Till I'm growing young to adult, I more and more love cooking moreover I've been a wife now. Almost everyday I have to cook for my husband. I did difference receipt on everyday. So, as I have rest time I'm looking for receipt & receipt ;) in order that My lovely dear husband not bored of my cooking result.