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September 27, 2016

Come Cheer on CCR3 students at the Miss Plattsburg Pageant!

by: Shelby Cheesman

The Miss Plattsburg Pageant is around the corner. Close to 30 CCR3 students have signed up to participate this year. The Miss Plattsburg winner will be awarded a $1,000 academic scholarship, first runner up will receive a $300 scholarship and the second runner up will receive a $150 scholarship. Please come out to support our ladies! The middle school and high school pageants will be September 28th at the Performing Arts Center in the high school at 7 pm!
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The Leader in Me

by: Andrew Wilson

Students at Ellis Elementary are experiencing a new program this year called

"The Leader in Me". These are the program's 7 habits of healthy kids...

Habit #1 BE PROACTIVE....choose your actions wisely!

Habit #2 BEGIN WITH THE ENDING IN MIND....plan ahead and set goals!

Habit #3 PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST.....spend time on the most important things!

Habit #4 THINK WIN WIN....everyone can win!

Habit #5 SEEK TO UNDERSTAND, THEN BE UNDERSTOOD......listen to people's feelings first!

Habit #6 SYNERGIZE.......learn from others!

Habit #7 SHARPEN THE SAW......have healthy habits!

Check out these pictures of student leaders!

CCMS students focus on physical fitness!

by: Andrew Wilson

Ms. Workman's PE Classes do fitness twice a week where they focus on various components of physical education: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. On fitness days they play fitness related games or have fitness stations.They then figure out their target heart range and whether or not they had a good day of fitness. Way to stay healthy middle schoolers!!

REMINDER!!! Think Pink!

Wear your Think Pink shirts to these events and admission is FREE!

October 3 MS/HS Volleyball

October 4 HS Volleyball

October 14 HS Football

Think Pink proceeds will be donated to help fund cancer research!