Should men get paternity leave?

Equality above everything!

If men and women are supposed to be equal why don’t men have the same rights?

Paternity leave is something that should be an option for every men.

Start together, stay together!

It’s important for both father and child that he is actively involved in the baby’s life. It’s more likely for them to spend time together later on if the dad stays home for a few weeks.

Bounding has an everlasting impact for the two of them and others..

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Daddy’s home, no divorce!

Taking on such a huge responsibility together changes the gender rules in the family. Paternity leave makes parents more equal than anything else ever could.

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Men who live with the opportunity of paternity leave often looked down by their coworkers.

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Let’s find a solution!!!

Everyone’s best interest is a happy life, and a happy life begins home!
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Make time for your child!