March 2019 HHASD Newsletter

Spring is Coming!

District Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, challenging, student-centered learning environment focused on preparing students for their future through supportive parent, staff, and community partnerships.

Bloom where you are planted... Be great where you are

Once again, I am so proud of our Raider Leaders! This team of students acted as a panel for the Real Estate Agents who attended our collaborative Lunch & Learn event co-sponsored by the District and the Village of Richfield.

One agent commented, "The kids panel was very impressive, they are great leaders -- you can just tell by how confidently they spoke." They responded to questions such as: What makes you proud to be a Richfield Middle School student? What do you want for the district? What are important traditions being established in the new district? What would you say is the most important thing for a new student to know about our district? Plus, many more questions posed by the real estate agents!

"Your diet is not only what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around…be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically." Start now, by watching the video below, put together by four of our Raider Leaders who share some of their insights from the Lunch & Learn and what is to come this month!

Make sure your volume is on!

Snow & Cold Days - What to expect, take two:

Last month I shared that, "Careful planning last year has come in handy with what Mother Nature has sent our way. HHASD's academic calendar exceeds state requirements for hours of instruction, so subsequently, even with four days of canceled school, no time will need to be made up." And then... we cancelled more school.

The news? We are still in compliance with the hours of direct pupil instruction required by the Department of Public Instruction. While I have discussed with the Board the potential ways of how time can be made-up if needed, at this time, the final day of classes for the 2018/19 school year will remain a half-day on June 6, 2019. Should we cancel any days during the month of March (another cold spell is approaching if you can believe it), we will communicate any changes to our district calendar with you, promptly.

Kid Candids!

Snowshoe Hike Pictures

National History Day Photos

National History Day

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, Richfield Middle School students participated in the Richfield History Fair. Projects on a wide variety of historical topics were presented in five different formats, including documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances, and websites. This event is the culmination of months of hard work by students on their National History Day projects and earned some students the honor of advancing to the regional, state or even national competitions! The Fair was a success as the students were able to show off their projects to other students and parents. Students whose projects won their respective category were:

Group Website

Joshua K and Lindsey R: The Culper Spy Ring

Zach H and Wyatt D: Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

Hanna M and Molly G: The Challenger Disaster

Nick P & Brodi B: The Munich Massacre

Nicholas B and Elliot J: The Perpetual Threat

Individual Website

Maddie D: The Fight for Freedom

Ben B: The Pullman Strike

Nick H: The Deadly Riots of New York City

Sarah B: Smallpox and Inoculation

Makenzy L: Trail of Tears


Anna P: The Bay View Tragedy: Wisconsin’s Fight for the Eight-Hour Workday

Kiley WC: The Little Lion: How a man who started with nothing changed a nation's economy

Jonathan H: The Turning Point of the Civil War

Ashton M: Christopher Columbus Search for New Land

Eric W: The Election Of 1876

Group Performance

Dominic C and Mason W: Televising Politics: Triumph or Tragedy?

Natalie M, Anah B, Mya L: Babe Didrikson Zaharias, The Women Who Changed Women's Sports

Individual Performance

Sarah L: Lost Colony of Roanoke

Gianni A: Louis Zamperini

Chloe D: Life In the Annex- Anne Frank

Mason K: Andrew Jackson

Group Documentary

Ryann and Riley V: Humanity: Dian Fossey

JP L and Billy P: Muhammad Ali: The Great Dodging The Draft

Jayden R and Jacob B: The Buffalo Soldiers

Jack H and Kade H: Mike Tyson

Individual Documentary

Jeffrey W: The U.S. Invasion of Panama / Operation Just Cause: The War to Start All Wars

Aryan K: The Triumphant Tragedy: Space Shuttle Columbia

Brycen D: The Sterling Hall Bombing

Jon B: Chicago Pile-1, the Reaction That Changed the World

Jack S: Man vs. Machine, How One Man Changed Chess and AI Forever

Group Exhibit

Keira L and Erika S: The Birth of a Nation

Tess and Sloane F: The Lost City

David and Sammy K: Wernher von Braun

Alaina S & Kaylee K: Seward Folly

Ella and Kylie K: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Individual Exhibit

Gavin G: Imprisoned in Your Own Country: America vs Japanese-Americans

Sophia P: Mathew Brady Capturing Americas Triumphs And Tragedy's

Jenna S: Marilyn Monroe

Raina C: Marie Curie's Triumphant and Tragic Life

Delanie K: Amelia Earhart: The Last Great Adventure

Still more to celebrate:

An alumna in the news!

Click on this great article on Hannah Mrozak to read more. So proud!

And an alum!

Dylan Webb's success in high school:

Webb, a sophomore broke the 50 Free record (for the second time this year) and medaled in the 100 Breast stroke. Congrats!

Spring Photos!

On March 18th and 19th our students will have their spring photo portrait session.

You will receive:

  • a flyer advertisement or announcement that Spring Portraits are approaching
  • a proof of your child(ren) after picture day to help you determine if you would like to purchase spring photos

Class photos will be taken at FLES, grade level photos will be taken at RMS. Club/athletic photos will be taken for both schools, but arranged for a later date.

Sixth Grade ELA Service Project

Help our student-led service project by reading below...

Share Some Heart...

Ms. Bauer's ELA class recently completed a writing unit in which they researched and wrote about a variety of teen activists who worked, or are working, to make the world a better place. In conjunction with the unit, they are teaming up with other schools and organizations to help! At the February 18th inservice, Ms. Bauer specifically teamed with Ms. Julie Boelter who is a sixth grade ELA teacher in the Mayville School District to complete this service! During the month of March, they will be collecting gently used shoes and new socks. These items will be taken to Belize by a Wisconsin-based group and distributed among the country's most needy people. This is an easy way for our class to get involved!

There is a collection bin in the classroom for students to deposit shoes and/or socks. There are a few parameters: casual shoes, especially tennis shoes and sandals, are needed and should be in good condition. Rubber band shoes or tie the laces to keep pairs together. Since Belize has a tropical climate, no boots are needed. If donating socks, they should be new and unworn. Please consider cleaning out your closets and donating your old, outgrown, or unwanted shoes to our service project!

Many thanks for your help!

Circles of Life Annual Conference

Circles of Life is Wisconsin’s annual conference for families who have children with disabilities. This event brings together families and the providers who support them to learn, connect, and become more knowledgeable about programs and services for their children. Celebrating 35 years with a special keynote from Peter Leidy! Peter will inspire, entertain, and remind participants to stay focused on the person and family in challenging times, and why “We’re All in This Together!”

Registration and hotel information are available in the Conference Brochure or go directly to the online registration at (**Sign up by March 29 to receive a discounted rate!). For more information, visit the conference website at

Raptor Safety

You may be familiar with the Raptor System if you have students at the high school. This system was purchased through the Safety Grant and will be in use on Monday, with an official start day of April 1st. Read below for more details.

New Visitor Check-In Process!

As part of being awarded School Safety Grant funds from the federal government, the Holy Hill Area School District is pleased to announce that we will begin a more formal visitor management process in all our schools to strengthen the district’s program of school safety for students and faculty. Part of keeping students and faculty safe is knowing precisely who is in our buildings at all times, and this formal process will allow us to do that. The process will help us track visitors, contractors, and volunteers in our schools more closely and provide us with a safer environment for our students and staff.

Upon entering a district building, visitors will be asked to present a valid state-issued ID, which will be checked against a national sex offender database to ensure that registered sexual offenders are not entering our buildings. We will only record the visitor's name, date of birth, and photo for comparison with the national database. We will not share any information on the ID with any other agency or authority. This is not a full background check or a credit check. The Raptor system also gives us the capability to record additional information such as court orders. An example is a court order that states a parent may visit their child, but not remove them from the building. This identification check and search is done the first time you enter one of our schools.

Once entry is approved, we will issue a badge that identifies the visitor, the date, and the purpose of the visit. Children who do not have a valid ID may be allowed to visit as long as they are accompanied by an adult who has completed the check-in process and been issued a badge. Substitute teachers, regular volunteers, and all contractors or subcontractors will be subject to the same procedure as visitors at all times. If identity cannot be verified through an acceptable form of identification, they may still be given access to the building, but will be escorted at all times by a school staff member, or may be denied access to the building.

A visitor’s badge will not be necessary for those who visit our schools simply to drop off an item in the office or pick up paperwork. Attendees at designated schoolwide, grade-level, or after-hours events such as performances, ceremonies, or academic/athletic competitions will not be required to complete the process. In conjunction with the implementation of the Raptor visitor system, Friess Lake Elementary has been updated with two sets of locking doors and a pass-thru window in the vestibule area as part of our safety grant.

The office staff will begin practicing this visitor management process immediately and will provide gentle reminders to visitors about the timeline and necessity of presenting a state-issued ID in order to gain access to the buildings. This safety measure will officially commence on April 1st, the day students and staff return to school following spring break. If you have any questions for district personnel regarding this new procedure, please contact Principal Ryley Laird at Friess Lake Elementary, 262-628-2380, or Principal Jeff Carron at Richfield Middle School, 262-628-1032.

The safety of our students is our highest priority, and our new visitor management process will help us ensure that people who may present a danger to our students are kept away from them. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support of enhancing school safety protocols in our district.

Summer School!

It's already time to be thinking about summer school! This year we are excited to offer you a hybrid summer program offered by HHASD and a summer camp program offered by the Kettle Moraine YMCA. Two great options for your summer choosing!

Kettle Moraine YMCA Day Camp @ RMS

All forms and information regarding the summer Day Camp program can be found by clicking on this button.

Updated Policies

All policies can be found on our website. The updated policies listed below will be available after they are received back from NEOLA, our policy hosting company. Revisions have been shared in person with the PSB, DAT, and Boardwalk.

Policy 5112 - Entrance Age and AG 5112A - Admission to Kindergarten

Revisions to this policy and its corresponding guideline impact early enrollment. (Early enrollment is another term for acceleration, i.e. a 4-year-old enrolling into kindergarten instead of 4K.) It confines early enrollment to kindergarten. The process includes a parent referral no later than May 1st of the preceding school year, and defines the 95th percentile as the cut-off when taking into consideration students intellectual, social, physical and emotional readiness for early entrance.

Policy 5136 - Personal Communication Devices

This policy has been updated in several ways to help provide clarity in when phones can, and cannot be used and the consequences that will be imposed if the policy is violated. The updates to this policy also help to align the original Friess Lake and Richfield procedures. Due to everchanging technological capabilities the term Personal Communication Devices, or PCDs, is used and encompasses items such as cell phones and tablets.

In order to avoid disruption of the educational environment and protect students' right of privacy, student use of PCDs is prohibited on school grounds during school hours unless approved by a teacher or administrator.

Students may use PCDs during after-school activities (e.g., extra‑curricular activities) or at school-related functions, as long as they do not create a distraction, disruption or otherwise interfere with the activity or environment. PCDs shall be powered completely off (not just placed into vibrate or silent mode) and stored out of sight when directed by the administrator or sponsor.

Students who violate this policy in any capacity may have their PCD confiscated and held until the end of the school day. The confiscated PCD may be retrieved earlier if prearranged and approved by administration. If the violation involves potentially illegal activity the confiscated-PCD may be turned-over to law enforcement.

A student may lose his/her privilege to bring a PCD to school for a designated length of time or on a permanent basis for repeated or major offenses.

Policy 5410 - Promotion, Placement, And Retention

The following statements were added to Policy 5410 to clarify the process that should be followed if a student is to be retained (held back).

The District Administrator shall develop administrative guidelines for promotion, placement, and retention of students which:

  • ensure students who are falling seriously behind their peers or who may not be promoted receive the special assistance they may need to achieve the academic outcomes of the District's core curriculum;
  • require the recommendation of the relevant staff members for promotion, placement, or retention;
  • require that parents are informed in advance of the possibility of retention of a student at a grade level;
  • assure that efforts are made to remediate the student's difficulties before s/he is retained.
The final responsibility for determining the promotion, placement, or retention of each student rests with the District Administrator.

These updates provide opportunities for collaboration, communication, and problem-solving well in-advance of when the decision to retain must be made.

Policy 7540.03 - Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety: Cyberbullying

This policy has been updated to include a clarifying definition about Cyberbullying (cited below).

Cyberbullying is prohibited and includes, but is not limited to, the use of information and communication technologies (e.g., cell phones, computers, websites, social media, and e-mail) to bully, intimidate, threaten, abuse, or harass a student. Cyberbullying is prohibited regardless of whether it is done on school property or at a school-sponsored or school-supervised event or activity.

In short, cyberbullying conducted outside of school is discouraged and could lead to discipline by the district if its effects are noticed/impact students while at school.

Policy 8500 - Food Services

This policy has been updated to exclude the alternative lunch for students whose food service accounts go negative. Now, all students will be served the school lunch published by the district regardless of their account balance. Measures will still be taken to regain food service fees from families according to Policy 6152.
Spring Into Success

On February 18th, HHASD team members participated in the Spring Into Success Collaborative Professional Development event hosted by CESA 6, for nearly 3,000 educators! Click on the button above to access more videos, quotes, and images.

Join Our Team

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Holy Hill Organization of Parents & Staff

Next Meeting: March 14th at 6pm (FLES)

Current FUNdraisers:

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Community Events!

Big picture
Washington County Libraries Transform

Did you know that free online courses are available with your library card? Or that you can access 1000s of books and audiobooks? Or attend informational events, concerts, or workshops at no cost? Join the Washington County libraries this spring!


1 - Movie Night

4 - Board Work Session

5 - DoT Meeting at FLES

7 - HHASD Bucks Night Out

8 - Middle School Dance

14 - HHOPS

15 - Staff/Student Basketball Game

18 - Board Meeting

18 & 19 - Spring Photos

25 - 29 No School

Looking Ahead...

HHOPS presents the first ever HHASD Family Dinner & Auction at FLES on April 12th. This event is open to anyone and everyone! You do not have to have children in the district in order to attend. We simply want to celebrate our students, families, staff, and community! Dinner will be catered by MJs, student performances can be seen, a silent auction and raffle will be held, and two local celebrities will be on hand: Ozzy the Oriole from HUHS and a special guest who will assist with the Live Auction. We can't wait to see you!