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What causes allergies

Ask the reader: I suffer from allergies when eating certain foods, what are the causes of injury and what is the treatment? Answer, consultant of internal diseases, gastrointestinal tract, saying that allergies occur as a result of the response of the human immune system to certain foods certain, and most causes belonging to the existence of ready PCs in humans, where responsive cells of the body to external stimuli, making it secrete certain substances that cause sensitization occurs. The symptoms of allergies vary from the beginning of the change in color of the skin and the occurrence of itching down to a pain in the abdomen was up to the desire to vomiting with allergies in the chest,
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difficulty in breathing and shortness of occurrence of bronchitis. May be the result of allergies contactless touch foods or taken as a result of those foods and vary from one person to another, and cannot see a person suffering an allergic reaction to specific foods only through prior experience. Indicates the presence of some of the tests, which are conducted before taking these drugs, which are called sensitivity tests under the skin, but this only happens with conventional medicines as may affect allergy. On the treatment confirms that prevention of allergies by avoiding foods that cause is the most important steps to ensure that no allergies, as well as in the case of incidence are given some antihistamines and in some cases your doctor may advise eating cortisone injections, and according to the degree of injury allergies.