Character Sketch of Miranda

By: Olivia Wolfson (Life As We Knew It)

Who is Miranda?

Miranda is a junior in high school who's world is crumbling around her. She is the protagonist of the story and we read about how she is trying to survive socially and physically as the world comes to an abrupt end.

Hobbies and Love Life

Miranda orginally was a figure skater, but she gave it up because it was costing her family too much money. She then took on swimming, where she met the love of her life Dan. Dan seemed to be the only companion Miranda had left until he was forced to leave town by his parents. This put Miranda in the ultimate slump.
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Physical Details (What We Know and Think)

"I guess I always felt that even if the world came to an end, Mcdonald's would still be opened." -Miranda


Miranda tends to be witty and is the classic teenager. She can be rebellious, insecure, and can even be jealous. The apocalyptic world seems to be putting a lot of pressure and stress on her, which seems to be putting her on edge. As any teenager would, she gets into fights with her mom, gets jealous of her siblings, and loathes her friends at multiple times. As the world changes, so does she.
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