Phantoms In The Snow

By Kathleen Duble


15 year old Noah Garret has no living relatives except his uncle when his parents get sick and die from smallpox. Noah is sent to live with his uncle James Shelley who is a phantom in the 86th infantry. Noah was raised a Pacifists and has never skied he also does not believe in war. At camp Hale in Colorado James signs up Noah to Serve as a phantom, but when his uncle finds out he's only fifteen Noah has a choice lie about his age or be sent to an orphanage. Will he stay and serve in a war when he doesn't believe in war or, be sent to an orphanage?


I think the theme of the book is don't lose hope. There were many times when Noah could've lost hope. He started to lose one time when his uncle got lost on the mountain. He also almost lost hope when his uncle got injured bad, and this was because James Shelley was his only relative and he cared about him.


I researched the 10th Mountain Division. The 10th Mountain Division trained at camp Hale

in Colorado. Their training included rock climbing, winter survival techniques, winter combat, downhill skiing, and endurance cross country ski trips. They trained from 1943 to 1944 and in 1945 they went to Camp Swift in Texas. At Camp Swift they got more training until they got deployed in Italy. In Italy they took control of Mt. Belvedere which was crucial in advancing into Po Valley.

Author Depiction

I think the author depicted the 10th mountain division very well. The things that were well depicted were the places, events, and training. The places were Camp Hale, Camp Swift, and Mt. Belvedere. The events were the transfer from Hale to Swift and the invasion of Mt. Belvedere. The training was also exactly what they actually did which was rock climbing, winter/mountain survival techniques, winter combat, long endurance hikes and cross country skiing, and downhill skiing.

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