Christopher George Latore Wallace

By:Tanner Soterion


Born on May 21, 1972Chris. mother was on her own, working minimum wage jobs. a child sold drugs and worked on his rap game. "Hustlers were my heroes" was what he once thought, because wherever you went drugs were there.


At the age of 17 he was arrested for selling crack on the streets and after nine months in jail, he looked to music for a way out. But with fame and fortune, people were out to get him constantly, which gave him severe anxiety witch cause violent outrages.

Knight and Death Row Records

this record that was released cause a separation of east and west coast rap producers which caused a war between him and Tupac shakur, which would be the end of both of them. Chris was accused of shooting tupac when he showed up at chris's recording studio. Tupac then made a song about sleeping with Christopher's wife, which crossed the line and in 1996 tupac was murdered so to get back at him he set up a shooting for when chris went to california to make things right again and ended up killing him in 1997 when he was only 24 years old.
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Chris new he had a bad up bringing and so he tried to escape it by music but he was too wrapped up in it to get out, which later was the cause of his death.Even though he has passed away he still carries on a legend, his music. His music is a way of teaching people about whats good in life and how everyone has a rough life but there is always good in everything. He wrote his music for the nature and love of it and that is how it effected so many people to this day. Without his challenges that he has faced christopher wouldn't be remembered for who he is today.