Sarah York

My Auto BIO

Hi. My name is Sarah York. I am 11 and attend White Oak ES. I was born in Dec. 27,2001. My life has many complications ,but here is some pieces of me. First of all, my parents are divorced. Then, my stepmother had twins. Two little girls Ava and Ella. I guess you can say I have two of everything because I live in two places. You are right about that. Anyway, I love pets. From dogs to cats, all I want to do when I grow up is take care of them. My favorite color is teal. Everything is teal from my bedroom to my book bag and my toothbrush! So does Tori she is my best friend. So that is the gist of my life. Bye.

A day in my extraordinary life!

October 19, 2012

Meep. Meep. Meep. Goes my not so everlastings sleepy night end. Oh, how I sure do hate mornings. "Ruff." goes my puppy Harley as he tries to rose me like a alarm clock does. " Ok ok I get it. " I say to him as duly as a unsharpened pencil. This is just an regular day in the making of me . After I get up and brush my teeth. I get in the car with my mom and rise to go to the boring day that awaits me. Wait this not an ordinary day. This is the day of the hoot scoot. The hoot scoot is a day of majestic sweaty 5th graders running around the track and gorging themselves with water. This maybe what you see ,but I see money, limos, and other cool prizes. The hoot scoot named after our mascot the owl. Is when we (The 5th graders) raise money for the school. I am only excited because for me every year I am the only one that even remotely tries because the ultimate grand prize is mine. I have it in the bag. I raised $300.00. The only hard part was running or as I call it misery. After doing misery, we went into the classroom and had scrumptious Popsicle Then, I went to my Dad's house." Waaaaaaaah." Is the first thing I hear when I walk in the door. "Hi girls." I say to my twin sisters as I pick Ava up. Then, I eat dinner and sleepily put my head down on my pillow as tired as a superhero after a long day at work. The end.


Why was 2012 an important year to me? 2012 was important to me for many reasons ,but here are some from me...

- I went on an amazing cultural experience

-I got two new twin sisters

-I read many books that thrilled me

-My interest for cheer sky rocketed

But, those are only some. I think that when I look back at this year I will feel that 2012 was a year of chained extraordinaire events. I also feel hope, perseverance, pride, peace and most of all longstanding sadness to have a year like 2012 again.