Speedy Stimulants

QUICK with in a FLICK


Stimulants speed the body up. This can cause the heart to pump faster then it needs to. This can cause a heart attack. This can also make person stay awake longer then normal which means they could stay all night and day. Stimulants may enhance your body to have more energy but this decreases a person's education. Stimulants can effect the central nervous system it will make the central nervous system activity way faster or quicker then normally.


MDMA known as "Ecstasy" is a drug that acts as a stimulant and a hallucinogenic. This drug has many drugs in its tablets that are very dangerous and when put together it's dangerous as well. Some of the side effects are clenching your teeth, grinding your teeth, and dangerously high body temperatures that can normally reach 110 to 112. Some risk of taking ecstasy are you will be confused you can also feel depressed and slight anxiety.


A green and brown mix made up of dried up flowers, seeds, leafs, and stems. The main drug in marijuana is THC which moves quickly through the bloodstream and will finally go to the brain. Marijuana is a drug that also acts a stimulant and a depressant. Side effects of this are they kill brain cells,and they are hazardous to peoples developing lungs. The chemical in marijuana will stay in the body up to a month.
U. of Alabama, Health Impacts of Cannabis Smoke (good news)


Steroids must be cool they make you look like the next Arnold but honestly are they? Steroids are actually really bad people and their body. The side affects of tacking steroids are terrible they can make all the muscle that you get change to fat. The steroids can give you really bad acne. The steroids can make the sperm count for a man to lessen. The worst part is that the steroids can give men breast. For women they can grow facial hair and there voice may deepen. For both male and female steroids can give them mood swings and a anger problem called "roid rage" which means that a person can get mad of the littlest dirty look from someone else.