Syrian Refugee Crisis

Poland And The Immigrants By Carson Hess


As many of you know syria is in an intense civil war for the past 3 years. This is forcing many syrians out of the country and into neighboring countries. One of these countries is Poland. Over the passed 3 years over 11 million Syrian refugees have had to move form their homes and roughly 4 million refugees have left the country completely. Most of these syrian families are young children. Most of the countries practice is islam.

Poland Demographic

Poland is officially called the Republic Of Poland and is a country in Central Europe.

  • Average age of Poland citizen: 38
  • Population density: 123 people per square kilometer
  • Current population: 38,483,957 people
  • Size of poland: 312,679 square kilometers
  • Ethnicity of Poland: 93% polish
  • Religion of Poland: 87.5% roman catholic
  • language of Poland: Polish which is also the official language


Transporting Refugees

According to google maps in order to drive to Poland using a bus or car would be 3,610km. This means 38 hours of driving for someone to transport syrian refugees on a bus or in a car. This would be costly not only for gas but for the toll booths along the way(white dots on the blue line).
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Would Poland be a good place for Syrian refugees?