Harlem Renaissance

Dance with us at the Harlem Renaissance

W.E.B. DuBois

- W.E.B. Dubious was an African american sociologist and his influence upon the Harlem Renaissance was threw the economic and social promotion of arts.

-National Association For Advanced color people


-He was apart of the NAACP witch helped Africans Americans.

Marcus Garvey

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- "Blacks to America" movement

- Economic Philosophy

- Both Marcus and W.E.B didn't like each other, almost enemies.

- He died of old age (95) in Ghana,Africa.


Harlem Renaissance Summary


The Harlem Renaissance was in the 1920's , also known as the Negro movement. The Harlem Renaissance was the only time of life where African Americans could have their shine. Africans Americans had many kinds of way to express themselves ; dancing, singing, musicians, all kids of art! It all started back in the late 1800's when the civil war and the KKK was important and shocking. Then, African Americans began to migrate to the north once the White men left to war, to seek more jobs. Finally , during the early 20th century, The Harlem began to go to immigrant places around the country, in the north,New York and the Harlem began. During the Harlem many Africans began to have publicity and become famous. For example, Louis Armstrong was once of the most known musicians , know for the famous song "What a wonderful world". Also , another a famous writer such as James Weldon Johnson and a famous Painter William H. Johnson. James was always inspired to to write about black men and their way of life and William always seemed to express his thoughts with art. Most importantly, everyone had a chance to express during the Harlem.