Fever 1793

By Michelle Makowski

What Fever 1793 is about

Fever 1793 is about a infectious disease that killed a lot of people in 1793 .Only a few people survived in these horrible times and Madeline was one of them. It was very hard for madeline, for her it was like only yesterday everyone was working hard at the coffee house making food and serving it to the costumers that always come to the coffee house and know Madeline has to fight hard for her life.

About Eliza

Eliza cares about people. For example when Madeline's mom got sick Eliza was the first to help her get over being sick from yellow fever. Also when the fever was spreading Eliza helped a lot of people survive through it.

Development in madeline

First madeline didn't really know how to take care of her self then later on in the book she was taking care of her self and other people. For example when madeline's grandfather died madeline had to be on her own since she didn't know where her mom or Eliza where and she did a pretty good job but when she found Nell then she had to take care of her too .


I praise this book because it tough me a lot about yellow fever and how it killed a lot of people and for me this book is very interesting.