Breaking News, Zombie Apocalypse!

Where to go if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse!

February 12, 2092

Ahhhhhhh, the zombie apocalypse has started. People are fleeing from cities and towns in search of a better location. If you want to survive read this brochure don't listen to anyone else they might be zombies in disguise in search of your brains!!! There are some places that you want to avoid and some places that are safer than others. It is recommended to get to another country because the zombie apocalypse seem to only be happening in the United States but, if that's not an option get to one of the listed areas below. Don't go to the non recommended one you will die there!!

The Rocky Mountains.

Description- The Rocky Mountains stretch from Alaska to New Mexico. They are younger and taller than the Appalachian Mountains. Rugged and pointy. Also contains the continental divide.

Rating- 9

Explanation- The Rocky Mountains are rated at a 9 because it is very easy to survive the Zombie Apocalypse in the Rocky Mountains. There are many caves and places to hide. It is easy to get to high ground and look all around you. A lot of animals live in the Rocky Mountains and there are a lot of plants so it is easy to find food. Also, we don't know for sure but we are suspecting that zombies are not the best mountain climbers. Finding fresh water might be the only problem.

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The Appalachian Mountains.

Description- Extends from eastern Canada to western Alabama. Includes the Piedmont. Oldest mountains in North America so old and eroded. Piedmont is the plateau area at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains.


Explanation- The Appalachian Mountains were rated a 7 because it is easy to survive in the Appalachian Mountains. There are lots of trees and some caves so you shouldn't have a problem finding a hiding spot There are plenty of deer, squirrel, fish, and lot's of edible plants so food is easy to find. Beware of the many American black bears that live there though they could be a source of food they are very dangerous. Water should not be a problem since there are plentiful water sources like lakes, rivers, and streams. This area is easier for zombies to climb because it is not as steep as the Rocky Mountains.

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The Great Plains.

Description- Flat lands. Known for dry grasslands. Not many changes in elevation. Common area for tornadoes.

Rating- 2

Explanation- Do not go to the Great Plains. You will die there! The Great Plains are rated a 2 because it is not east to survive there. There aren't many places to hide. There are not many animals that you can hunt. Water depends on where you are located in the Great Plains. It might be readily available or nowhere in sight. If you do decide to go here make sure you can run faster than zombies!

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