Abraham Lincoln And Barack Obama

How they are alike and different

Barack Obama

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu,Hawaii on August 4 1961.First career before he became president was he was a civil right lawyer and also a teacher.Obama was elected in 2008 and then re-elected in 2012.

comparing them both


  • *They both were/or are married
  • *They both were born in the United States.
  • *They both had parents.
  • *They both had/or still do have a family
  • *They both had kids.
  • *They both have vice presidents.
  • *They both are president or were.
  • *They both had step moms.
  • * They both did something with rights

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12 1809.Abraham Lincoln was born in a town called Hodgenville,Kentucky.Abraham Lincoln job was Flatboatman,railsplitter,and a lots more.