Jordan Rogers

Digital DNA project

My Digital DNA project.

This is my daily agenda on when I use any type of digital media. Including: Phone, TV, Computer, and even my Xbox.

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Waking Up

My least favorite pat of the day. When I get up I always check my phone, and reply to my good morning text. Then I sometimes hit snooze, and I come to school late which is a bad habit. I need to put an alarm on my phone also, so I can wake up without being able to hit snooze. I miss the days where my mom would wake me up for school and make me breakfast.

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Early Morning Breakfast

In the morning I usually get up, check my text. Sometimes I will hit he snooze. If I don't I ill go watch the news, or ESPN to catch up on what I missed. I eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and drink my milk until its ready to head to school. I try to eat breakfast every morning because I hate being hungry the whole day, especially if I have c lunch. I don't like to be hungry at school, and sometimes I will feel better knowing what going on around me. I usually watch T.V every morning.

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Getting home from school

Sometimes when I get home from school if I don't have any homework I will play my Xbox. Usually my Favorite game to play is NBA 2K14, or GTA. Sometimes my friends come over and play with me. All my friends like to spend the night and play this, and then go get something to eat. Xbox is always something that I do in my daily digital life. It keeps me busy during my spare time, but can also distract me during my work time.

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After work, and before i go to bed.

When I get home from work I like to play GTA on my Xbox 360. I like to play online with my friends. This is my car on GTA Online, its a Mazda. I play either after school, after work, before bed, and just whenever I am free. Sometimes it distracts me from my homework, and other things like chores but I always find a way to get them done. I never really realized until now on how Xbox effects me. I will say I'm only going to play for an hour, and it will end up being 11 at night, and I can't get any of my homework done.

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No More Facebook

According to "Unfriending Facebook" article, I am someone who basically unfriended Facebook. I don't use it anymore, and I only use twitter and Instagram. The picture of me at the game is an example of me using instagram to post the picture instead of posting it on Facebook. Facebook is full of parents and none of my friends use it anymore. The only times I will get on Facebook will be to get info about a company or business, and sometimes to check on my mom. I have definitely "unfriended Facebook".

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2nd Period, Sports Marketing

In sports marketing class we used our laptops to discuss a sports topic. We discussed how the Washington Redskins are getting in trouble because people like Obama think it is racial. In my opinion, I don't think it is racial but a lot of people do. They have two names to chose from so far: Washington Warriors, and Washington Renegades. I think Renegades is better, and the logo is interesting. A computer is something we use everyday in school, and it is a part of my life every single day.

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During class if we are going over notes, or if I am supposed to be working on homework I will sometimes mess around and play games. I understand how the professor was concerned about the laptops in class. I think that it should be on the students to decide whether or not they pay attention. I know that it can be irritating when you are talking to someone who doesn't really care, but they will fail and it will be there fault. Although it is our first year with laptops, it will be out last year.

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Time To Go To Bed

Right before bed I will always watch Nick at Night, or sports center until I get tired. Right before I go to sleep I will make sure that all my texts have been responded too. Sometimes I will mess around on Instagram or twitter until I can fall asleep. T.V and my phone are always apart of my digital DNA before I go to bed.

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Listening to Music

Listening to music is a big part of my digital DNA. I'm sure that everyone listens to music whether its raps, country, or rock. I will listen to my phone in the car, in class, and sometimes at work. Music is a big part of almost everyone's life. My friend carter just came out with a song, so I thought I would share it on my smore. I never really realized how many times I have listened to music on my phone. After this project I always ponder how many times I have listened to a certain song.

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Texting is the biggest part of my Digital DNA. Social media is probably the second. According to the texting and driving article, I am part of that 55% that thinks its easy to text in drive, but I have never been in an accident. I don't plan on being in one either, and I try to not text in drive at all. I text in the hall ways and sadly I text in class. Sometimes I can be a distraction but sometimes its important. You never know what could randomly occur while you're in school and someone needs to reach you.


In conclusion, everything I listed in my pictures are the big part of my digital DNA. Making my phone number 1, computer 2, and Xbox 3. I never really noticed all the times I use these things everyday. I don't know what I would do without technology. If I need an answer to something, ill use the internet. If I need to talk to someone ill use my phone or social media. To pass time and hangout with friends I will play my Xbox, Unlike the old days where they played board games and tag. Used the mail, and wrote letters.