The Shack Of Surfboards

Owned By: Jack Boyle, Seth Cohen and Jose Ferrer

Our Story

We have a group of 30 employees. It is a family owned business. We started the company in 2001 and since then we have made a hefty profit. This business was discovered off SHARK TANK in 2003.

We use a combination of Fiberglass cloth, polyester and polyurethane.


Our surfboards are custom made in our shack on the beach. Some of our more high-end boards are made in our warehouse. We only use all natural materials that are environmentally safe. Also we always strive to keep the area around the shack safe and clean.
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Our Labor Force

We are the number one surf shop on the west coast. All of our employees have different areas of work such as designers, manufacturers, marketers, and advertisers. According to Time magazine " The Shack of Surfboards is the top place to work in California and all of the west, while still being popular in all age groups.
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