Bernardo Barnhart

Supporting the Community

Love of Football

Bernardo Barnhart comes from Immokalee, Florida, which is a small town renowned for its agricultural exports and penchant for producing football talent. As a result, Bernado Barnhart has always been a fan of football. Currently, he is an avid fantasy football player, not to mention a local radio commentator for Immokalee High School football games.

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Bernardo Barnhart: Enjoying Football

Bernardo Barnhart’s days are often busy ones. As the Vice President of First Bank at Immokalee, Florida, it falls upon him to make sure the bank’s operations run smoothly and customers are served to their satisfaction. He is also a local community leader and serves on the Immokalee Chamber of Commerce, which is always working towards the growth and development of the local business community. At the end of such a day, spending time with his family is one his mind, thus leaving little time for any other activities … except football.

Bernardo Barnhart is an avid football fan. In his hometown, he is an ardent supporter of the Immokalee High School football team, and often calls games on the local The Call radio station. During the season, he also participates in fantasy football leagues. Like many other fans, fantasy football is a great avenue for him to get to enjoy the game he loves very much, and the research and weekly updates to his fantasy rosters keeps his knowledge of the game sharp.

With a busy lifestyle, Bernardo likes to limit his fantasy football intake. Doing so enables him to look at various players with fresh eyes and not overthink the decisions that he makes regarding his rosters. He has found that engaging in fantasy football in moderation is the way to go, and encourages other players to find a comfortable level and stick to it. When it comes to real-life football however, he doesn’t hold back in his support for the local team.

Bernardo Barnhart - Helping Local Youth

Bernardo Barnhart is an active community member who is dedicated to improving the lives of the youth in his home town of Immokalee, Florida. The passion to help and be a role model comes from the fact that he is one of the few that have been able to rise above the community’s poverty and achieve success in their careers. He currently works as the Vice President at First Bank, where he is recognized for his exemplary work in business development and sales generation.

When asked about his childhood, Bernardo Barnhart often credits the tough upbringing for helping him focus on his goals. His parents were migrant farm workers in the region’s rich, agricultural lands, and often stressed the importance of hard work and dedication. Many of the youth in Immokalee feel the same, and work hard to make great careers for themselves. The town is renowned for its agricultural heritage and knack for raising future football stars. For many of the young people, football is the only ticket to a good life.

Bernardo Barnhart is a big believer in leading by example. After graduating from the University of Florida at Gainesville, he had the opportunity to relocate to a bigger, more urban setting. However, he was drawn to going back to his home town in order that he could show the young people that if he could make it, they could as well. If anyone what it means to work hard for a better future, Bernardo Barnhart is a shining example.