Josh Hutcherson

Drama project by Tanishqa


Name- Joshua Ryan Hutcherson

Brith date-12-10-1992

Birth country-

Family- michelle (mother)

Career- actor

Hobbies- sport acting helping out with problems in the world

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What's his favourite thing about acting

Josh has wanted to be a actor since the age of six his family moved to get josh to act and now well he is acting acting has always seemed cool to him no matter what and he has focused on his career all the way josh likes everything about acting and their isn't a favourite part

Movies josh has been in

Josh has been in quite a few movies

Kids are alright

Journey to the centre of the world

Motor cross kids

Howls moving castle

Hunger games

And lots more☀

What Type Of Chracter Does He Usaually Play?

Josh usually plays a smart tensed up character