Kindergarten Distance Learning

Boulder Creek School

Hello Kindergarten Families,

We hope you, your family and friends are safe and healthy. As teachers our hearts are with our students, and we are missing all of you so much!

We have been working hard putting together paper packets and also online learning opportunities on our Google Classroom sites. This SMORE Boulder Creek Kindergarten Distance Learning Webpage has links to our email and Google Classroom.

Here is a list of Frequently asked Questions and Answers:

Q: How long each day should I expect a Kindergarten student to be focused on school work at a time?

A: Most Kindergarten age students can stay focused on school work for 15-20 minutes at a time. Taking breaks between learning activities is helpful.

Q:What activities can my Kindergartener do independently?

A: Kindergarten age students require one-on-one help to adequately complete school tasks. Kindergarten students can be more independent and seem to enjoy ‘Choice Time’ activities like Legos, coloring, playdough, dress-up, imaginative play, simple puzzles, creating with building toys, etc.

Q: How will you take daily school attendance?

A: Each school day in Google Classroom write and enter your child’s name.

At that time read the Google Classroom stream notes and complete the Daily Assignments online and/or on paper.

*Each Friday will be a ‘Catch-Up’ day for any assignments that need to be completed for the week. You can also use Fridays for virtual tours, walks/hikes, and your own ideas. Remember to take attendance on Friday.

Q: How do I login to my child’s Google account?

A: Every EESD student has a Google account in place. Go to Log out of your parent account. Use your child’s email (first initial last initial school number(without spaces) and password (your child’s school number twice (without spaces)) which can be found on the cover of the manilla envelope on the white sticker with his/her name. Log into google then click on Clever. To get to the district K-2 landing page click the home icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Q: Do we need to do all of the online assignments, videos, and activities?

A: No. Every school day go to Google Classroom to read the daily stream notes and for daily attendance. Your child’s name will be typed in the daily attendance question to fulfill district attendance requirements. After reading the stream notes and taking attendance online you may choose to do any of the assignments online or none of the assignments online. There will be videos you and your child can view, online free resources to listen to books read aloud, art activities, learning games, songs to sing along with and more opportunities online. You may also choose to take attendance and read the stream notes on Google Classroom and then do nothing else online. You may do daily assignments from the paper packets in the envelope. There is a writing journal for each week and also a packet with a weekly Reading Log that has math and language activities. On the Reading Log record/write the title of one of the books or stories your child read for each school day. Then start the pages for that day. Included in the envelope are one or more paper books for each week and a few Scholastic Let’s Find Out magazines. There will also be one social studies magazine a week you can read to/with your child and help your child complete online or use the paper magazine included in the envelope. Remember to do a daily movement activity. There are PE/Movement activities ideas listed on the last page of each weekly paper packet and online movement resources also.

Q: What if my child lives in multiple households?

A: We are creating one packet for each child. Please find a way to safely pass the envelope with paper packets between households.

Q: What if I have trouble entering a site?

A: Please contact the Tech Department at

Q: What if I have a question for my child’s teacher?

A: Each Kindergarten teacher will be checking their email and Google Classroom several times a day.

Q: Do I need to turn in my child’s work?

A: On Friday, May 8th we will have another drop off and pick up of envelopes at Boulder Creek School.

We miss you! Please let your children know how much we love and miss them! Virtual hugs from us to all of you!

~The Boulder Creek Kindergarten Teachers

Distance Learning

Tuesday, April 14th, 8:15am

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*Each school day go to your child’s Google Classroom, write and enter your child’s name for school attendance.

*Read the notes/stream for the day on Google Classroom and complete the day’s assignments.

*Click below for a link to our EESD Parent Distance Learning Resources Website which includes our K-2 Landing Page: