Asoka Life


Today we are going to learn about Asoka have you ever wanted to learn about Asoka? We are going learn about empire and his life he had being a awesome person. Then,we are to learn about Asoka building buddihst and where it is located.

Asoka the Great

So, we are learning about Asoka lifetime here are some facts.He was born August 303 AD and he died 232 BC.He had younger siblings most famous king of Mauryan dynasty.His empire lasted about 321 to BC.They had a bloody war the east coast of India the empire was not a happy the past years.India was under one administration.

Speeches that changed the WORLD

Please enjoy reading and hope you find out more information with the Questions.

Ouestions you might have...

How did he die?

Where he die at?

Why he wanted to follow buddism ways of life?

Asoka History

So just take a seat and keep on reading.He was the grandson of the founder of the Maurya empire and was called for religious tolerance.Then, he also travled in clinics for sick people.He was a powerful king and he only had one younger brother.Then, Maurya army started growing day by day they had great promises.

Asoka Dynasty

His brother took refuge and the ruling family set up the first Indian empire.Asoka was the 3rd ruler of the dynasty.Asoka`s main duty was to gain more land.He also waged war with other kingdoms and he was horrified the first time.Asoka saw t true price of war he was mad India it was a huge empire.Then, he decided to follow the ways of Buddhism. It remained in power for 42 years society had divided into 7 castles.He also became a religious mystic Asoka edicts was written in different languages.Asoka also went to many places.Then, he put pillars at these sites to him no war was worth fighting.


So, after you get finish reading my newsletter did you learn something new? Well, when i was researching it was very intersecting and ti wanted to learn more.Then, i took a visited to India and had a lot of fun and more extra facts.I have more cool fact he build the buddhist shrine located in San chi India.
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It was the buddihist shrine that Asoka bulit.


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