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Constellations are a group of stars that seem to form a distinctive pattern in the night sky. Their are many constellations such as the big dipper, the little dipper, Orion the hunter and many more(ON Science9). Constellations have been discovered for a very long time, since ancient times. The first people that named the constellations were the Greeks. They chose names such as Apollo and Pegasus( wikipedia). A constellation is said to be located in an internationally defined area of celestial sphere, which is a position in or relating to the sky, or outer space observed in astronomy.

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Constellations and How they work

Constellations show up all year round, but different constellations in each season. This is because the earth moves around the sun and the stars. So when its night in the winter the earth is facing away from the sun, which lets the sun shine on eastern hemisphere. Then in the summertime the earth is leaning into the the sun which means the suns rays are hitting the western hemisphere. This is why we have different constellations in each season as it works the same when its fall and spring(Wikipedia). How can you tell one star from another? People think of constellations for many reasons such as using constellations to memorize different stars and the constellations also help many people sail the oceans. This is one way you could know where you where going because in the old days they didnt have very good technology so this was their most reliable navigational guide.( constellations)
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