News Flash

September 28-October 2

Save the (Day)tes:

October 6-8: Book Fair at East Campus

October 14: 1st Quarter AR Cut Date...get your goal!

1st Quarter Cut Date for AR: Wednesday, October 14

What's Happening?!

Math: We will continue with subtracting 3 digit numbers and subtracting across zeros on Monday. We will QUIZ over both on Tuesday before moving into our multiplication unit. Please continue to memorized facts at home!

English: begin chapter 3

Writer's Workshop: We are still working on The Important Thing about ourselves paragraphs. We hope to publish this week.

Reading: Our focus this week will be on character traits. We will also practice writing a summary paragraph. Our basal story is The Castle on Hester Street. Vocab and AR quizzes over the basal story will be on Friday.

Spelling: long O pattern words, tic tac toe due Thursday, TEST Friday

Science: sound

Health: We will take a test over the skeletal system on WEDNESDAY. Your child has a study guide to use to prepare.

Social Studies: our environment

Religion: verse to be memorized by Thursday