Mrs. Fry's First Grade Newsletter

Week of November 14th


I can tell that we had very hard workers in our class in preparation for our spelling bee. I am proud of everyone's effort! Congratulations to our class spelling bee winners, Andrew Kim, Jeremy George, and Brody Villegas!! They will be moving on to our school-wide spelling bee on Friday, November 20th.

Thank Yous!!

To everyone who participated in the Acts of Kindness Club canned food drive, THANK YOU! We should know which class won the popcorn party soon.

To our parent chaperones for the zoo field trip, THANK YOU!! We had a wonderful time and could not have done it without you!

Reading Reminders

We are getting better and better with taking AR quizzes. Students are becoming more self-sufficient in logging in to Reading Eggs and problem solving if they are having an issue. This is allowing me the time needed to get students set up to take AR quizzes. I have issued a challenge for each student to read at least 1 book on the AR list so that they can take a quiz on it on Monday during our computer lab time. More than one book would be even better!!

In order to encourage reading each day and logging their minutes into the Fluency Folder, I am going to begin downloading and printing out readers to send home. If you would like a book sent home to read please email me and I will send them this week. Remember that your student can read ANYTHING that is of interest to them. (Magazines, posters, cereal boxes, newspapers, etc.) The important thing is that they are reading daily to build fluency and logging their minutes into their Fluency Folder. Also, your student can read these items over and over again. The more they read it, the more comfortable they become with the material, and this builds fluency!

My goal is to take up the Fluency Folders each Thursday, give a 10 pt. homework grade, and return them the same day, As John Steinbeck so eloquently put it, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." I am sitting here with about 10 folders in front of me now. If I don't return the folders as planned, just jot down your reading and fill it in when the folder returns home.

This week we will learn...

Language Arts

Jouneys Unit 3, Lesson 12

Spelling words: chin, chop, match, chip, rich, pitch, much, chick

Bonus words: know, brown, never, very, own


GoMath Module 7.1- 7.5

Subtraction strategies

Social Studies

Finishing up with Who's in Charge?

Thanksgiving Traditions


To be determined

Dates to remember...

Thanksgiving Break (no school)- Monday 23rd- Friday 27th.

Early release day- Friday December 4th at 1 pm

have a great weekend!!!