Hot-Air Balloon

By: Mike Hulcy and Nico Yut

Question #1

What function relating to the variable best describes the situation?


Question #2

Make a table and graph to show the balloons altitude every 5 minutes beginning at 5 minutes before the balloon was sighted until the balloon lands.
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Question #3

How high was the balloon 5 minutes before it was sighted?


Question #4

How long does it take for the ballon to reach an altitude of 20 feet? how long does it take for the balloon to land?

40 min

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Question #5

A 2nd balloon starts at 1200 feet but is descending at 20 feet per second. How much longer does it take for the 2nd balloon to land compared to the first one?


They descend at the same rate, but were spotted at different times.

20 min

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Question #6

A 3rd balloon is sighted at 800 feet and is descending at 30 feet per second. How much longer does it take for the first balloon to reach the ground than the third one?

How do the descents compare?


The 1st balloon descends at 20 ft per sec and the 3rd balloon descends at 30 ft per sec.

It takes less time, about 13 minutes quicker.

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Question #7

When the 1st balloon is sighted, a 4th balloon is launched from the ground, rising at 30 ft per min. Write a function. When will the 1st and 4th be at the same altitude?


at 460 ft and 16 min

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Question #8

What altitude would the 3rd balloon have to begin it's descent in order to reach the ground at the same time as the first balloon? What is the equation of the line?


1200 ft

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