Indian harvest of memories

Gather with us to celebrate!

Music, food, games, and other merriment!

- Wear a costume

- Paint a pumpkin

- Get your face painted

- Guess the weight of the giant pumpkin

- Bring your favorite fruits for a juice

- Be a worker at our jam and pickle workshop

And do many more.....


Harvest fall in India

India is a country full of festivals, songs, dances and more. The most popular festival that is regularly celebrated in India is the harvest festival. This festival is celebrated throughout the whole country in different ways according to the tradition of the local people. In Kerela, it is known as 'Onam', in Tamil Nadu, 'Pongal' or 'Thai Pongal', in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttarkhand, 'Baisakhi', in Assam, 'Bihu', in North India, 'Lohri' and in Andhra Pradash, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh it is known as 'Sankaranthi'. There are a lot more lists of harvests but lets get started with one!!

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THEREFORE COME AND JOIN US...WE'LL HAVE A SMASHING TIME TOGETHER AS IT IS ALWAYS SAID,"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted..."

We hope to see you on the 4th of September, 2013!