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Steam Cleaning A Berber Carpet

African berbers were the one who first used Berber carpet which has both small and big tufts. This clan managed to make a weaving tactics which is adapted by the western manufacturers. Fixed and dense weaves are produced when the yarns are bended over the backing. Berber is also made from olefin and wool which is the same as other carpet type. When it comes to proper cleaning method to use, steam cleaning is highly recommended.

Olefin Berber Carpet

Olefin is the most durable among the materials a berber carpet can be produced. It resists frequent vacuuming and loops have few chances of getting weary in times because of its low pile. This pile lower the absorbing effect of the carpet after a cleaning procedure was done.

Utilize a great water temperature and a steam cleaner that has a low-water option. This is needed because the pile is lower and more tight than the those in the wool berber carpet. Olefin berber hold fewer moist during the cleaning the procedure. It dries fast and the restoration of its color will be finished shortly. Always bear in mind that it is essential to vacuum the carpet when it is fully dry.

Wool Berber Carpet

Wool is formed using the curly or wavy hair coat of some animals. It needs to be maintained properly since purchasing one will cost you a lot of money.

When cleaning a wool berber, use slightly hot water in the steam cleaner. Not lower than 100 degrees is the water temperature suited for a wool since it shrink.

Select a steam cleaning machine which uses little amount of humid throughout the cleaning process. Wool soak up moisture and if it take place, you have to look for a steam cleaner that allow a dry extraction procedure.

Let your wool berber carpet dry thoroughly for about 2 weeks and during that time its color gets dark. Prior to vacuuming, wait for the wool berber to dry thoroughly. Conducting vacuuming with wet carpet may break its fibers making the surface frizzy. Its lost color will be restored when it dries completely, then see if the color gets brighter this means you can start vacuuming.

These information are reliable, just follow them and you can keep your berber carpet clean. And if you can't, do not worry because you can hire a carpet expert. Visit here!