Richard Burr

About Richard Burr

Richard Burr was born in Charlottesville Virginia. He has been a member of the house of represenatives for 9 years. He affiliates himself with the republican party.

Burr is for gun rights and voted against extensive back ground checks. Burr is also vocally against the health care reform. he also voted to ban gay marriage in the constitution.

When it comes to the raising of minimum wage Richard burr does believe it well help our economy.

Although the pipeline wouldn't exactly effect his state to much he does believe it will help stimulate economy.


Keystone pipeline:


  • Very large supply. Second largest oil field in the world.
  • Economically recoverable at today’s oil prices
  • Will help keep oil prices relatively low
  • Enormous growth potential. Less than 5 percent has been produced.
  • Big economic impact in Alberta. Jobs for Native Americans.


  • Relatively low net energy return compared to other sources.
  • Alberta, with only 10 percent of the population, emits the most GHG emissions of any province. Provincial government has been slow to respond.
  • lots of water is required.
  • Water pollution. Roughly 3 million gallons of toxic liquids per day. Fifty square miles now covered in toxic pools
  • Destructive to major boreal forest, an important carbon sink
  • Widespread habitat destruction, both on land and water
  • Destructive to ancestral lands
  • Requires expensive and risky pipeline to reach faraway markets

Richard Burr is completely for this pipeline believing it will help and also cause economic growth.

pros and cons of a minimum wage increase of $2.95 an hour, to $10.10 an hour.


-help people get above the poverty line.

-Make it easier for bottom tear employees to have more affordable lives.


-Higher inflation rates