Scouting Report Newsletter

Week of September October 17 - October 21

Quote of the Week

“Just keep swimming.” - Dory

The Weeks in Review

The last few weeks in Science we worked on learning about adaptations that plants and animal have. We discussed how all adaptations help a plant or animal survive. Whether they are behavioral adaptations like migration, hibernation, nesting, and web-spinning, or it's a structural adaptions like wings, webbed feet, or tails, all the adaptations help it to survive!

See if you can find the hidden students in the picture below. Also, be sure to ask your child about the creatures they created with their special adaptations!

In Social Studies we finished Texas Regions and your child created a travel brochure for the region of their choosing. Those turned out great! Check some of them out below! We have also began studying the Native American tribes of Texas. We will finish that next week before moving into explorers of early Texas.

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On Deck: Science & Social Studies

This coming week we will learn more about how plants and animals work in unison as we learn about producers and consumers in Science. In Social Studies, we will finish our Native American projects and begin looking at the explorers of early Texas.


Snacks will be eaten in the mornings after specials and before lunch. We are asking that these snacks be healthy, working snacks. Something that doesn't require utensils to be consumed, won't make a mess, and can be finished while still working in about five minutes.

Due to food allergies across the grade level, we are asking that any snack that is brought to school please be nut free. This is not to be confused with lunches that are brought from home as well. Since we eat snacks in our classrooms, we need to maintain the standard across classroom and over the grade level. Please help us maintain a safe learning environment for ALL by cooperating with this request. We sincerely appreciate it.

Forgotten Lunch Table

Lunches brought to the office that have been forgotten in the car or at home will be placed on the FORGOTTEN LUNCH TABLE directly outside the cafeteria. Students will check this table everyday as they walk in the cafeteria if they have forgotten their lunches.

Dates for Your Calendar

October 24 - 28 - Red Ribbon Week (see below for days)

Monday, October 24th- “It’s Crazy to do Drugs.” - Get out your crazy clothes, crazy, mixed up shoes and socks, and crazy hair, for a crazy day! **We will participate in a schoolwide neighborhood walk this morning to kick off Red Ribbon Week.

Tuesday, October 25th- “We Mustache You to be Drug Free.” - Students and teachers may wear “mustache” apparel to support being drug free.

Wednesday, October 26th- “Stay Strong Against Drugs.” - It’s camo/army day! Let’s cover ourselves in camo and “Stay Strong Against Drugs.”

Thursday, October 27th- “Save the Day From Drugs.” - Superheroes to the rescue! Wear your superhero attire to help “Save the Day From Drugs.”

Friday, October 28th- “Team Up Against Drugs.” - As Team Austin, let’s work together to stay away from drugs! Wear your team jersey (baseball, soccer, football, cheer, dance, etc.) or your Austin spirit gear.

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