History of cell theory

Tiffany henderson

Robert hooke

Robert Hooke was born july 28 1635. He died on March 3 1635.

He invented the microscope to see dead cells. In 1665 he published his drawing of dead cork cells.

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Anton was born October 24, 1632. He died in August 26, 1723. He was the first one to describe a living cell.

Theodor Schwann

Theodor Schwann came up with the cell theory.

Born dec 7 1810 died jan 11 1882.

Matthias Schleiden

Was born April 5 1804 he died on June 23 1881.

He was co founder of cell theory.

Rudolf Virchow

He found cancer cells.he was born October 13 1821. He died September 5 1902