Snowy Owl

1.This article is about snow owls migrating to warmer regions and being in danger. According to the article there is a lack of food where they live so they are traveling far south to the east coast seeking food and shelter. However the problems begin to arise when you take a bird who is use to trees and snow and out it in the city where there are buses and people .That is what happened to this owl it was taken to the national zoo after being hit by a bus.

2.The authors purpose was to inform readers about our new visitors and maybe even advise caution to those who come in contact with the owls. The audience is people who have an interest in owls or live on the east coast.

3. I agree with the author it is very dangerous for the owls to be freely roaming in the streets.

4.I have nothing major i would change except maybe getting a few quotes from civilians who spotted the bird but it was very helpful to have zoologist and veterinarians quotes in the article.

5.This article would go under feature it is a specific story putting a spotlight on the arctic owl.