How Beautiful Can One Place Be?

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Beautiful Hawaii

The land of Aloha is one of the most mature vacation destinations on the globe with Waikiki still considered to be a once in a lifetime vacation hot spot. From surfing to volcanoes and tropical rain forests to high altitude star gazing Hawaii seems to offer something for everyone

A Brief History of the Islands

While it's the newest state in the United States, Hawaii is a collection of islands with a history that is legendary.

The history traces the Polynesians of the Marquesas Islands as the first natives, 15 centuries back, traveling 2,000 miles by sea, with a million stars as their navigation.

Each island is believed to have formed through mystical means and nature's blessings.Volcanoes; waterfalls; rugged coastlines against soft shores; native flora, fauna and birds; desert areas and the seemingly endless sea are part of Hawaii's landscape.

Fertile land offered bountiful farming in sugar and pineapple, which brought a workforce of multiple cultures, including Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and Filipino. A significant event in Hawaii's history is the surprise attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor on Oahu on December 7, 1941.

Its own traditions and culture of hula, music, handicraft and lei greetings are all experiences that make Hawaii more than a tropical island vacation.
Polynesian seafaring - history and Hawaiian re-creation

Things To Do

Eight National Parks, endless miles of coastline, beaches that have repeatedly received critical acclaim as the global best, indigenous plants and home to every land and water sport imaginable, sublime sea life, explosive volcanoes and trails of their aftermath…these are just a beginning of all that awaits in Hawaii.

World Heritage Sites and national botanical gardens alongside numerous activities for any age and interest, plus adventures that are still new because it simply cannot all be discovered in one visit. Cook meals whenever you'd like after stocking up at the farmers' markets some nights and others, take advantage of great nightlife, beginning with fiery sunsets.

Discover your Hawaii, whether it's exploring the outdoors, extreme adventures, finding the perfect beach, eating the freshest and most innovative dishes, playing rounds of world class golf.