Visual Concept

Connecting motifs to your aesthetic

Step Two:

As your look at examples of MATTE projects, look for examples of the following mediums:

1. Sketch Drawing.

2. Painting.

3. Photography.

4. Digital or Print Images.

5. Paper.

6. Coloring.

Step Three:

Review the different examples provided in the link and look explicitly for the following evidence:


1. A motiff (visual image or theme).

2. How the mediums are organized or laid out to create a style.

3. How printed text is layered into the picture.


1. Story or Narrative.

2. Words.

3. Message.

4. Purpose

5. Audiience.

Step Four:

Write a two paragraph visual concept wherein you address the following:

1 The types of mediums and materials you wish to use.

2. How you want to organize the mediums in your own way or style.

3. What message, theme, motif to want to focus on in your MATTE?